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Vixen's Delight

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2,060.00 Grams
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100g Blathchy's Fruit and Nut Mix
180g Blatchy's Peanut Brittle
180g Baylies White Christmas
200g Blatchy's Jersey Caramels or Fruity Jubes
200g Robern Apricot Balls or Indulgence
190g Quinzi's Candied Choc, Green Tea or Triple Choc Almonds
120g Fudge It Rocky Road
100g Blatchy's Salted Cashews
100g Baylies Christmas Puddings
80g Fudge It Caramel Fudge Bar
80g Fudge It Chocolate Nougat
70g Baylies Siena or Panaforte Slice
60g Heavenly Delights Biscuit
60g Fudge It Gourmet Fudge
40g Baylies Biscuits

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