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Triple The Goodness

Triple The Goodness

Your gift box contains the following items:


250g Blatchy's Fruit Salad

150g Ausnat Dried Fruit in Chocolate and Yoghurt Circle

200g Heavenly Delights Biscuits

200g Quinzi's Choc Berry Jellies

200g Robern Apricot Indulgence

200g Geraldton Hill Chocolate Almond Toffee Bark

200g Robern Apricot Balls

200g Blatchy's Fruity Jubes

200g Heavenly Delights Biscuits

190g Baylies Lemon Sherbert

180g Blatchy's Glazed Peanuts

120g Fudge It Rocky Road

170g Quinzi's Choc Green Tea Almonds

150g Menz Fruchocs

2 x 80g Fudge It Nougat

150g Ausnat Medley Chocolate Crush

150g Menz Choc Fruit & Nut or Choc Sultanas

140g Quinzi's Candied or Chocolate Almonds

115g Tucker's Natural Gourmet Bites

90g Willunga Savoury Almonds

90g Willunga Smoked Almonds

90g Willunga Spicy Almonds

100g Tuckers Natural Fruit Paste

90g Blatchy's Fruit & Nut

70g Perryman's Gingerbread Babies

70g Baylies Siena Cake

65g Menz Rainbow Gem

60g Fudge It Gourmet Fudge

50g Violet Crumble

150g Baylies Biscuits

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