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Why Gossip Box came about


The Gossip Box idea came about after being 'frustrated' with the gifts the companies I'd worked for over the years were giving to our clients. As I was one of the staff handing these over, I'd experienced first hand the polite 'thank you's' but knew deep down they were 'annoyed' that this was the gift our company had chosen to give them for their support and business over the years.

You know the gifts I'm referring to ... from the corporate badged umbrellas & coffee cups, the thoughtless bottles of wine (straight from the carton) to the bulky 'padded' wicker basket gift hampers ... the ones with MORE cellophane than products ....Grrr!!!

So after leaving 'corporate world' and starting a family, it was time to work on my idea.

Gossip Box needed to be a gift I would be happy give to both a corporate client, yet personal enough to give to a friend or family member.

The challenges were ....

1. The gift needed to be appropriate for a client thankyou without the 'company badging' plastered over it - I mean it was meant to be a thank you gift NOT another promotional excercise.

2. It needed to have an element of surprise (I wanted my recipient to have to 'open' their gift - not just put it aside for later) so the gift basket idea was scrapped and the idea of the enclosed gift box was born.

3. I didn't want the 'flat pack' style box but rather a rigid gift box the recipient would want to keep - just to be reminded of their experience AND the gift HAD to be jam packed FULL of products .... NOT cellophane, tissue paper or any other fluff - CRAZY ... I know! 

4. But what products .... Hmmm ... it had to be something I would love to receive, not goods that would sit in the pantry for years to come .... like the marinated octopus in guava juice type thing and as we have some of the BEST locally made products here in SA, right on our door step it was an obvious choice to support our local producers.

5. Knowing many businesses have clients all over the country as well as their own family and friends, the gift needed to travel well and as each Gossip Box is filled to the brim they are an ideal choice to send interstate. Plus as they are so compact they weren't going to be charged excess postage purely for the bulky wicker basket!

6. Most importantly the gift had to have the personal touch - not just a mass produced gift off the production line!

Slowly the Gossip Box concept evolved into what it is today - stylish gift boxes packed to the brim with delicious and locally made products.

Supporting local business is a deliberate choice for me as I believe we all need to 'do our bit' to the best of our capability to ensure our children and our children's children have a future to look forward to. By exclusively using fellow South Aussie producers was our way of giving back to our local community.

I hope you love what we do here at Gossip Box and like us would be proud to give your 'special someone' a gift they will not only love, but will remember you for!